Are you receiving less than the highest-quality service from another VRS provider? Has another VRS provider not lived up to expectations? Don’t worry, Sorenson is here for you.

Moving your videophone number from one VRS provider to another is called number porting. We can help you port your videophone number to Sorenson even if you’ve ported your number away and want to come back! Just call our Customer Service department at (801) 386-8500 and we will take care of you.

Keep Your Number with Sorenson

When you have your number with Sorenson you get the best service. SVRS offers the highest-quality, professional interpreters and the broadest range of products, including a free ntouch® VP videophone made specifically for people who are deaf.

Sorenson delivers the most technically advanced features, such as SignMail®, Sorenson Video Center, Sorenson myPhone, Sorenson HD and Contact Photos. To top it off, Sorenson provides the most extensive outreach, technical support and educational programs in the industry.

To port your number to Sorenson, call our Customer Service department at (801) 386-8500 or complete the Letter of Authorization to Change My Default Provider (LOA) form, found here.

You can send us the LOA form by email or mail.

Scan your completed LOA form into a digital file (pdf, gif, tif, jpg or htm) and email it to us at [email protected]

Sorenson Communications
Attn: Outreach — Porting Request
4192 South Riverboat Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84123

The process of porting your number usually takes about 14 business days after the completed form has been received. We will contact you as soon as your ported number is ready to use with SVRS.

If you have any questions about porting your number to Sorenson, you can send questions to [email protected] or call Customer Service at (801) 386-8500.

If you are bringing a number to Sorenson and also need to apply for a Sorenson videophone, please complete an application for a videophone here.